Thursday, February 11, 2010

Classic Brakes by Beringer

Braking specialist for the automobile, motorcycle, quad and even aviation fields, French manufacturer Beringer has set about improving the braking systems on two-wheeled classics.

One of main weakness in the dynamic behavior of the classic motorcycles, the braking of a vintage ride can substantially improved by installing a Aerotec radial master-cylinder radial  by this French firm. Mounted on three ball bearings to reduce friction and improve feel, these master cylinders increase "the stopping power by 40% " according to Beringer. 

Offered in black, polished aluminum or chrome, these modern and efficient pieces play the card of moderation so as not to distort the look of a vintage bike. An optional support for mirrors and the inclusion of a brake light allow you to customize the units to your needs. Available in two lengths of levers with integrated or separate fluid reservoir, these radial master cylinders don't come cheap at € 415, but since when is braking an area you should skimp on.

For more information and contact points of sales, check out the official site of Beringer.

Source: Moto-Net