Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Veector, The Passenger Safety Belt

Chaft, a French manufacturer and distributer of motorcycle accessories, has just added a new product to their offerings, simple, not terribly innovative, but effective for passenger safety.

To avoid having your " sandbag " of a passenger do a back flip at the slightest acceleration Veector has created a safety belt.

Composed of two parts, the Veector Pan Belt wraps around the waist of the passenger at one end, while the other end is placed under the rump of the driver.

Easy to install, this concept seems like a decent idea and should certainly keep sleepy companions from falling of the back. Plus, it's a product that does not take much space for storage.

Easy to mount with no permanent fixation.
Time of mounting/demounting: 50 seconds.
Passenger does not remain fixed to the vehicle or driver in case of a fall.
Minimizes risk of falling off from sudden movements.
Weight: 300 grams.
Sizes: XS to 2XL.
Age limitations: 5 years old and up.
Price: 48 euros.
Available now

Source: Moto Caradisiac