Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Racing Simulation at its Finest

While this item not be particularly interesting to motorcycle enthusiasts it will definitely wet the appetites of motor sports enthusiasts. I just came upon some information about a company offering the ultimate in racing simulation near Lyon: I-Way. Their Dynamic Racing Simulators offer 6 degrees of precision movement, until this time a feature only seen within the confines of auto manufacturers, airlines, military and racing team facilities. Six Formula 1, Endurance and Rally vehicles are available, with each offer a choice of 3 different tracks to choose from. Prices begin at 60 euros a session and reservations must be made.

If you are planning on visiting Lyon with the entire family, but not everyone seems excited by the idea of hanging around a bunch of racing cars, fear not. I-Way has created diversions for most every interest. The I-Way building houses a fitness center and spa, an alcohol-free bar and a lounge bar and restaurant. Theres also a motor sports theme store, offering products by Porsche Design, Sparco, Ruby, Tag Heuer and Lamborghini among others. Lastly, the entire facility can be rented for corporate or private events. For more information, check out I-Way.