Thursday, August 07, 2008

Andrea Pininfarina Dies in Scooter Crash

Well, I'm back after a short vacation and unfortunately passing on an unpleasant news brief.

Along with the joy of riding motorcycles coming the increased vulnerability. If you are around bikes long enough chances are someone you know will be injured or die. Of course this is true about many popular activities. But the press loves to jump on motorcycle accidents. Today the world bears an unfortunate loss, Andrea Pinifarina died in an accident. But not on a motorcycle as is being reported by some reputable journals such as Bloomberg and The Int'l Herald Tribune, instead it was on a Vespa scooter. Some may call this picking at straws, but bad press is bad press. Read below for more information related to Andrea Pinifarina.

TURIN -- Andrea Pininfarina, CEO of Italian design and contract manufacturer Pininfarina, died Thursday morning in a road accident near Turin.

Pininfarina, 51, died after a car collided with the Vespa motorcycle scooter he was riding to the company's design and r&d center in Cambiano.

Pininfarina's death comes at a time when the family-controlled company is in the midst of a crucial restructuring.

Andrea Pininfarina has been Pininfarina's CEO since June 2001. He was also appointed chairman in May 2006. His father Sergio is the company's honorary chairman. His younger brother Paolo is Pininfarina's vice chairman and his elder sister Lorenza is a member of company's board.

Andrea Pininfarina is the grandson of Pininfarina founder Battista "Pinin" Pininfarina. He is survived by his wife Cristiana, and two sons and a daughter.

The company said it will issue a statement later today.

Source: Luca Ciferri, Automotive News