Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010 Honda CB1100...Don't Hold Your Breath!

The Honda CB1100 was presented in "grand style" at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 a few weeks ago in person by Honda President Takanobu Ito. You’ve probably all seen this retro bike that exhibits a truly basic vision in comparison to more recent offerings by the marque. The CB 1100 was envisioned to surf the vintage wave passed on from the auto world to the motorcycle community, from Tokyo to NYC...but not to us. Along with the CB 750 KO, issues with homologation will be restricting these two bikes from importation.

Apparently, the air-cooled, four-cylinder 1100 cm3 will not easily meet Euro 3 emission standards and since manufacturers are already looking on to Euro 4 standards, it makes the effort to meet these standards that much less interesting. In addition, the high level of finish will make the price unattractive. Big disappointment then after all the pomp that the CB 1100 will not be available here. Unless of course, a huge number of requests begin streaming into the various subsidiaries (Italy, Germany, France ...). Too bad, as this retro ride with its narrow tires and delicious engine offer everything to please...and had already conquered the hearts of many. It seems then that the future of beautiful air-cooled motors is becoming more and more dim.