Monday, July 20, 2009

French Radar Precision - Tolerance Reduced

There has been some mis-information in the press and across a number of blogs lately regarding speeding tolerance and radars in France. It has been stated that the tolerance allowed above the official speed limit and the point at which a ticket will be issued will be reduced from 5-3 kph for speeds below 100 kph and 5-3% above 100 kph.

In fact,
in an issued statement by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment, the new regulations apply not to motorists and the speed they are traveling, but to manufacturers of radar units (after 1 January 2010) according to Article 5 of the Decree of 4 June 2009 on radar units: the maximum permissible margin of error applicable to new or repaired instruments are as follows:
  • Fixed radars: +/- 3 kph for speeds below 100 kph, +/- 3% for speeds equal to or greater than 100kmh
  • Mobile radars: +/-7 kph for speeds below 100 kph, +/- 7 % for speeds equal to or greater than 100 kph
The lowering of the margin of error is therefore the factory output of radar measuring units and not the measure of speed the police will continue to apply motorists. The latter will remain with margin of 5 kph for speeds below 100 kph or 5% above 100 kph. However, the new order repealed the Decree of 7 January 1991 on the construction, testing and technical details for the use of radar units that originally defined this tolerance, thus there is no current legislation guarantying this margin. Gérard Gachet, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior did issue a statement that the allowance currently given to motorists should be maintained in the absence of a decree of the Ministry of Justice.

It remains to be seen now if this this tolerance will continue by the authorities...

Source: Nouvel Observateur,
Le blog 100% radars