Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Motocicli Veloci Cafè

After the heaviness of yesterdays entry I thought I'd write about something a bit more relaxing today...although you'll have to head to Italy to sample this latest discovery!

Everybody says they want to do something different but it is rare when one succeeds in having the courage to do it. Often it is difficult to find just the right place that combines good local tastes, culture, scenery and interest.
Motocicli Veloci Cafè was created with this passion. Whether dropping in for a quick lunch, an afterwork aperitif, supper amongst friends and colleagues or a 'romantic' dining experience with someone special, this place is a must for motorcycle enthusiasts when in Milan.

This is a café that sanctifies the passion for two wheels and the roots of all its culture. The Motocicli Veloci Cafè is a place where one can arrive to hear talk of an Aermacchi competitione in the manner of which one speaks of a fine wine. It's sort of a cross between a club, a pub, a tavern of other times, a workshop and a cave of vintage wines. A wide range of hand selected local and foreign specialty beers and wines are available and every Sunday brunch is offered. If either MOTOGP and/or SUPERBIKE are running, you can bet they'll be on the flat screens.