Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hangin with the Classic Motorcycle Club of Greece

All kidding aside from my last post, the motorcycle culture in Greece is actually quite alive and very interesting. There are a number of clubs located throughout the country dedicated to vintage motorcycles from all over the world. A couple nights ago, I dropped in on the Classic Motorcycle Club of Greece which maintains a small but impressive clubhouse right in the heart of Athens.

The club numbers over 250 members including riders from both sexes and a few expats. They get together on a weekly basis and are very active hosting rallies and events throughout the year. Their VP, Elias and Secretary, Dimitrios showed great hospitality and spent a good part of their evening telling me about the history and future of their club. A couple nights a week, you’ll find at lease a dozen members at the clubhouse and any body's when it comes to what is parked outside. The night I was there I saw a beautiful vintage Triton, a couple vintage Guzzis and old Bmw with side-car and a more modern Ducati 999 converted into a sharp looking streetfighter. To find out more visit the Classic Motorcycle Club of Greece.