Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Brittown Movie Screening in Paris

The guys from One World Studios in California are hosting a screening of their newest production - Brittown - tomorrow night at Frog & Princess Pub. It's a documentary following a vintage British bike mechanic, racer and rock band headman living in Southern California. The event starts at 6pm. Some of the crew from Wild Magazine will be there. You'll also have the chance to give me some personal feedback for the future content of this blog, just look for the guy with the Successful Apes MC t-shirt. If you can't make it tonight, make sure to check back tomorrow when I'll have a full review on the movie.

In the meantime, Roll Free...


leentje said...

Motorcycles... races... mechanics...
Sounds so.. me!!

Ok, I'm kidding. But I will be there tonight! Cause after all I am a documentary girl.

See you tonight!
unless I get stuck with the guy in the Successful Apes MC t-shirt