Thursday, July 24, 2008

Les Soldes chez Triumph

Every year from the end of June until the beginning of August, France erupts into a shopping frenzy. 'Les Soldes' are a twice a year, government regulated, 6 week sale that authorizes merchants to discount well below the normal levels..up to 90% off! This is the time to stock up on necessities for the year or get great deals on end of season fashions.

So why talk about this on a motorcycle blog? Because great deals can also be had at your local dealership or accessory store that you wouldn't neccessarily find any other time of the year. Triumph is offer discounts from 30% to 50% on their entire clothing range until the 2nd of August. Whether it be protective leather or casual apparel, you're bound to find sometime to prepare you for the Bonneville 50th Anniversary celebration. Just check out their list of
concessionaires for a dealership near you.

Whether you are in the market for a new helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, bike accessories or just looking to pick up a new t-shirt, get over to your local shop and take advantange of the discounts. While they may be a bit smaller then you find at the nearby department store, you'll still be finding great deals for another few weeks. 'Les Soldes' are for everyone, including 'les motards'*.