Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brittown Movie Screening Review

Well, if you didn't have the chance to make it out last night, you missed a great evening. Beautiful, well-used, vintage bikes were parked the entire length of narrow rue Princesse in the St. Germain-des-Prés district, pints of silky microbrews were pouring non-stop and worldly conversation of motorculture could be heard in every corner of the bar. Reps from Wild and Moto2 magazines made it out to support the screening and the stars of the evening, Scott and Zack from One World Studios, could not have been more gracious hosts, making themselves available for photos and discussion well beyond the focused nature of the event.

But you're here to know about the film, right? Is it worth picking up, have they captured the spirit that surrounds the vintage British bike culture? In one word...Absolutely! The imagery and sounds they've captured of Meatball and his gang, the classic Triumphs, mostly fully assembled, sometimes in pieces, and the music and bands that connect this whole subculture together have been masterfully assembled by these two emerging producer/directors. They may have only a few films under their belts, but they will definitely be worth keeping an eye on in the future, especially if you are into getting a good close look at mythical characters within the motorcycle world.

With Brittown, Scott and Zack have found a bit of a 60's renaissance man in Meatball, whose world revolves around his vintage Triumphs. While he might not be the type of guy you hang on every world to absorb his essence, he has an undeniable presence that becomes all the more impressionable by his passions. The strength of this film is seeing these vintage bikes under power, bounding over sandy dunes and hearing their parallel twins ripping down beautifully paved roads of Southern California. It's seeing them be torn down and put back together with meticulous care to get just the right look, power and reliability. It's catching the vibe of local Rockabilly bands whose notes reverberate so perfectly with their uncorked exhaust. The sounds and sights of this film may make you nostalgic for your youth or for a lost time you weren't blessed enough to experience first hand. Watch this film and you'll begin to scent sweet hints of grease, oil and exhaust fumes in the air, you'll feel the thump of a British twin in your chest and next thing you know you'll be heading for your own bike to get some personal wind in the face action. And if you've ever thought about tearing down your own Triumph twin, you'll get some great close up visuals that should make you a little less intimidated. Make sure to visit to get your copy today.

PS, if you appreciate a good pint now and then or some good pub food, make your way down to the Frog and Princess Pub and tell manager Nicolas that Richard from Rollin' Free sent ya!


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