Friday, July 18, 2008

Rent a Desmosedici in France

Been dreaming about taking a spin on the ultimate sports bike, but don't have the 50K+ to pony up. There are a few rental opportunities available in England and the US with rates ranging from £150 ($300) to $600. Even this sound a bit expensive? Sure it'd be great to spend the day on a Desmo cruising around town or hitting some local twisty, but between the speed traps and worrying about all the cagers around intent on making you day as stress filled as possible, how much are you really going to enjoy the experience?

Well, on your next trip to France, plan on a little detour to the Circuit -
Pôle Mécanique d'Alés-Cévennes. Conveniently located within a few hours drive from Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier or Toulouse, Dussauge Formation Détection (DFD) offers the usual group or 1-on-1 track day courses and bike rentals. But what makes them unique is the Desmosedici track session they offer. You can choose from two different experiences. 4 laps piloting this amazing Moto GP bike around the 1.5 mile courses nestled in the foothills with cost you 145 euros ($229). Or, if you are a little two timid to take the reins of a 200 Hp racer and try to fully exploit what it has to offer, sign up as a passenger for the very rare experiance of a Desmo biposto ride. 4 laps with a professional pilote ringing ever ounce of spectacular two-wheeled sensations will set you back only $59 euros ($93). For either option, they even include all your piece leather suit, back pad, boots and helmet. And the best part, no dealing with dodgy cagers!

For more info, contact: Dussauge Formation Détection (in French)


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