Monday, November 02, 2009

Italian Cafe Racer parts

The new hot trend these days, no matter where you are located, seems to be transforming vintage British and Japanese iron into modern day emulations of the cafe racers that ruled the byways of London in the 1960's. A great source for some unique and beautiful parts to transform your own machine is Motocicli Veloci out of Milan, Italy. They have just about everything you might need to make your ride look the part. Originally established as the firm Tronconi & Novelli in 1935, Motocicli Veloci has a historical tradition in the Milanese motorcycling sector.

Initially they were one of the major official Moto Guzzi dealers, especially for trikes. These days they distribute high quality parts and accessories for the best teams and riders of classic racing bikes. Each part is produced according to the original pattern with the aid of the most modern technologies. Great consideration is given to selection of materials, dimensions and functional details. Moreover the firm's great flexibility in production allows them to satify any customers request, ranging from a single piece to a entire series.