Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vermtematis 250 to Debut in Milan

The off-road motorcycles of the brand Vertematis, founded by the brothers of the same name have not known extraordinary commercial success, but merit an alternative consideration to the big brands and have now for 10 years. But after a long silence, it's good to know that a bit of a surprise from the brothers awaits us at the EICMA show in Milan next week. Their newest model will be propelled by a water cooled, single-cylindre 250 4-stroke and makes use of double overhead cams, 4 valves and electronic injection. The transmission and motor oil are separated, as on the Honda CRF. The biggest innovation is situated at the cylinder head, which is angled 180° in comparison with those found in "classic" configurations, inclined between 25 and 30° as on the new one 450 YZF. This very compact motor allows for a better centralization of the masses and a lower of the center of gravity in order to optimize nimbleness. The weight of the bike should not surpass 100 kg.

If the motor is inspired by the best technology coming out of Japan, the chassis can be compared what is being found on KTMs current crop of bikes. The frame consists of chromoly double beam and the rear suspension is similar to the PDS used by KTM. Rear suspension is directly connected between frame and swingarm without links. A couple of unique details include a shock absorber much longer than the norm and a kickstarter placed on the left side and more forward. Lastly, styling is by Fabrizio Ricupito of Ricupito Design.