Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Worlds 1st Production Electric Superbike

The SEMA Show 2009 has witnessed the launch of the world’s first production electric superbike, which is touted to be a laptop on wheels. Developed by British company Mavizen, the TTX02 superbike, based on the Isle of Man TTXGP winning chassis, will be available as a limited edition beginning in April 2010.

Apart from being the world’s first zero-emissions superbike, the machine is also the world’s first motorcycle that sports integrated IP connectivity. It is also equipped with a USB-based system bus that allows a number of peripherals to be connected to extend the capabilities of this mean machine.

The stylish chassis, based on a KTM RC8 street bike, is kitted out with a lithium-ion battery and two electric motors, each delivering 22.5 kilowatts of continuous power (about 30 horsepower) and 36 kilowatts peak (48.2 horsepower) as standard. Mavizen is also offering two other swapable power configurations depending on the intended usage. The motorcycle was designed primarily for racing and is FIM homologated but it also comes stamped with a VIN for registration in your local jurisdiction. Just 50 bikes will be built by the company and you can expect a price tag of around $40,000 with a typical circuit configuration.

Mavizen is also evaluating a possible motocross electric motorcycle currently labeled the TTX03.