Thursday, February 04, 2010

1 Million Euros for the Circuit Carole

The Ile-de-France will invest 1 million Euro for the renovation and improvement of the Circuit Carole towards increasing it's safety. Jean-Paul Huchon, president of the region IDF has undertaken this project along with the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists (FFMC).

This decision came to pass even as the issue of closure or relocation of the circuit has been ongoing for several years, and as Huchon announced earlier this month, his opposition to the principle of a circuit that could host major motorsports events in the Ile de France. The Circuit Carole is a race course expressly designed and used for local motorcycle events.

The sum of 1 million euros will be invested for work that has become urgent at a compound that has over 30 years of use. If this amount seems large, it is still two times less than the amount deemed necessary by the specialists who wanted to solve recurring problems related to the dilapidated structure.

"The problems are vis-à-vis the public reception, and also a track that no longer meets current characteristics of motorcycles," explains Philippe Guerin. In the coming weeks, the managing group, led by the Regional Directorate of Public Works, will be convened. This is an opportunity to set priorities for work to be done.

The circuit is not so much saved, nor is a relocation out of the question in the future. But at least the support is it there to avoid closing the circuit, which could have been the decision should the facility been deemed to great a risk for public usage.