Wednesday, February 03, 2010

LS2 is a brand new helmet brand with headquarters located in Spain. The marque, looking to expand into the already clogged European market is trying to distinguish itself from the usual offerings.

LS2 offers helmets with dynamic lines and a very aggressive profile. To keep their price low, the helmet employs, no fiberglass but instead makes use of a shell constructed of injected PC/ABS. But it does include such nice features as a retractable sunscreen providing a noticeable improvement in terms of ride comfort. The interior is also removable and washable. The chin strap closure features a micro-adjustable clasp.

The principle seems interest with prices starting from 119 € for solid colors and 139 € for graphics. And if the quality is at least as comparable to the large manufacturers with much more sober offerings, LS2 could turn out to be a real hit.

Available from XS to XXL in 12 versions.