Friday, February 05, 2010

Skeed Fire-Resistant Undergarments

The annual JPMS motorcycle industry show just took place her in France and each year the organizers offer awards to new products in a number of categories. One of the winners is a line undergarments by a new company called Skeed. There site is currently the only way to obtain these products, a policy choosen by Skeed to limit the cost of its 100% French (manufacture of fibers, weaving and tailoring) products.

The unique feature of Skeeds undergarments is that in addition to providing thermal protection in case of cool temperatures, they also provide greater safety through the fiber used in the manufacture of these products. The Kermel aramid fibers are intrinsically fire-resistant and non-melting, protecting the rider from road rash burns during a fall.

Prices run about € 109.90 for a full bodysuit (option ventilated), plus a line to comfortably dress your mechanics while still offering them protection in the case of an outbreak of fire is also available at € 199.90. The range will grow in the near future with more basic pants and T-shirt (59.90 € each). A winter range will also arrive composed of a integral unit (€ 124.90) and a 2 piece unit (79.9 € for the pants and € 84.90 for the tee-shirt).

Products for automobilists are also available in the catalog (pants and t-shirt ventilated or not), some FIA homologated and others SFI (American Federation).

Source: Moto Cardisiac