Tuesday, February 02, 2010

French Motocycles: The Return of Midual?

While the future seems sealed French manufacturer Voxan, another French brand of motorcycles may be about to be reborn from its ashes. After disappearing from the limelight 10 years ago, the 900 Midual could (re)emerge with the support of the region, Pays de la Loire ...

An amazing piece of news was recently let loose on the site of the region, Pays de la Loire. Last December, Jacques Auxiette (President of the Regional Council), Jean-Claude Antonini (Angers Mayor) and Bruno Heuclin (Regional Director of OSEO) met Olivier Midy, one of the creators of one of the last great French motorcycle projects: the 900 Midual. The project was launched in 1992, the prototype presented in 1999 and since then...radio silence!

According to the regional site, "the Midual should in the coming months, enter a phase that will see the realization of a new high end line of bikes with very high technological content. These machines would be powered by two new flat twins created and developed over the last 6 years by RDMO, Olivier Midy's company. Jacques Auxiette also announced "significant project support (...) by the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, support that will be submitted to the Standing Committee in February 2010 under the support of innovation."

The welcome page of the official website of the brand displays nothing but an enigmatic "Midual: the adventure continues. As soon as possible, you'll find news on this site.." Hopefully all this is not just another toss away build-up: those who have a passion for the Midual of 10 years ago, would like one day to see the realization of all the promises from that time. Especially after the disappointment of Voxan and the current economic situation, placing "high end" on the future Midual remains a very heavy challenge for a fledgling brand. One thing is sure, Glynn Kerr may have a bit of updating to his initial styling in the near future. Here's to wait and seeing...

Source: Moto-Station