Monday, February 08, 2010

First Dianese D-Garage in France

Dainese has dedicated a new 289m2 showroom to in Corbeil-Essonnes region outside of Paris mixing their D-Store concept with a factory outlet. Located just off the highway exit that leads to the Orly airport at 8 rue Jacques Anquetil, the location is ideal for locals and travelers alike.

This concept is designed to make the universe of Dainese accessible to all fans of the brand is totally original in that it represents the union of a D-Store, the single marque store of the little red devil, with a whole new concept tfor Dainese, that of providing an outlet. In the D-garage, bikers will find a wide selection of clothing from the latest collections, as well as a wide selection of products at factory prices to live out their favorite sport: motorbike, ski or mountain bike all with the maximum safety!

The design and structure of the outlet area are characterized by large surfaces and structures recalling the retail design of typical Dainese stores, but enriched with original industrial elements used as displays and and suggestive design elements from the company headquarters west of Vicenza, Italy.

The sales staff, trained directly at D-Tec ® (Dainese Technology Center), by technicians who have developed and refined Daineses most innovative products ensures that each client has all the technical information at hand to find and choose the Dainese products that best fit their needs.

"Protecting human from head to foot in dynamic sports"; it is in this context that Dainese was founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese, the current president, and such is now the mission of the company since its inception and in all its new forms, makes Dainese a dynamic company in perpetual motion.