Thursday, February 25, 2010

New ABM Clips-ons from Germany

Whether you're looking for more looks, more comfort and more efficient, choosing replacement clip-ons is not the easiest thing to do as there are a number of details that come into account. At ABM, they have chosen the side of versatility with their new Multiclip.

The Multiclip is equipped with adjustable rotation of the tube, at the elbows and clamps, plus the possibility of two lengths of stems (0-40mm version and Sport 40-70mm version of the Tour). To complement the capabilities of the product, ABM has produced an elbow tube holder with 5 ° tilt, thus compensating the inclination of some water reservoirs. The complete kit can accommodate a large number of motorcycles will be available for € 319.

ABM Multiclip

- Adjustable level without rotation, height and tilt
- Height adjustment: Sport version (0-40mm) version and Tower (40-70mm)
- Diameter of fork: 43, 45 50 and 53mm
- Interchangeable Tube Holder
- Elbow Tube Holder with 5 ° tilt for better fit
- Maximum length of handle: 230mm
- Price: 319 €

Source: Moto-Infos