Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Belgium Road Security Looks to Others

Here's a great idea for any countries road security gurus...instead of shooting from the hip and just making up policy to try and lower accident rates and the resulting injuries and deaths, how about taking a look around the world at other systems to see what works and what doesn't and take that into account when implementing you own securtiy. That exactly what Belgium has decided to do recently. The country sent of "scouts" om reconnassance missions to their neighboring countrys to find the good prevention ideas currently being used with the intention of importing them back home. Their goal is a center of knowledge and expertise on traffic circulation to be created by the police as early as 2010. The centers would among other benefits work towards improving personnel training directly linked to road inferstructure and would be composed of lawyers and strategic analysts.

Belgium has set an objective to become one of the three countries with the lowest roadway mortality rate by the year 2015. Seems they may have developed the perfect idea to reach that goal. Hopefully it keeps on track and works towards everyones benefits. Maybe other countries will jump on board with the same idea.

Source: Caradisiac