Friday, December 18, 2009

Hyde Harrier Jubilee Ready for Liftoff

You may have seen the prototype a few years ago when Triumph specialist Norman Hyde and Harris Performance first presented the Hyde Harrier Jubilee in early 2008. Testing has now been completed and kits are available to transform a modern Triumph Bonneville into the ultimate modern British cafe racer. The bike was originally conceived to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the original Hyde Harrier and the 50th anniversary of the Triumph Bonneville.

The basic Harrier kit, requiring a donor vehicle consisting of a 2000+ model year Triumph Bonneville (pre-EFI), includes new frame & swingarm, fuel tank, seat unit, rearsets, rear fender and kickstand, plus other necessary bits. As such, the donor bike contributes its headlight, instrumentation, forks, wheels, engine and exhaust system. Retails for is a reasonable £3995 +VAT, which might not sound so friendly for readers in the US given the current exchange rates, but certainly will offer a unique ride. Given that Bonnies are reasonable priced on the used market, the means needed to realize an exclusive modern day British café racer are not beyond the reach of the everyday Joe.

A variety of exotic components are also available as options to the Base Kit, including a handmade Harris stainless steel race exhaust, Öhlins suspension front and rear, Hyde fairing with Cibie lights, lightweight PVM wheels, Acumen digital instrumentation, AP Lockheed radial brakes, Keihin smooth bore carburetors and even Wiseco big bore piston kits.

If you are intimidated by the idea of assembling your own bike, you can always contact a shop to do it for you. Windy Corner, the award-winning Triumph solus dealership in Leicestershire, UK is already offering a workshop service to build Harriers. Labor prices will vary depending on the owner’s desires and of course, the donor bike. You can reach them at +44 01455 842922 if you want to discuss details.