Monday, December 28, 2009

Continental Circus: The Movie

I recently got a chance to view Continental Circus, an incredible documentary showing the sport before the intrusion of big business and big money. The racing careers and exploits of two contrasting characters are explored in this French documentary about grand prix motorcycle racing. No actors in the flic, only real people.  No tricks, the races are true races; footage includes Isle of Man and Spa among other circuits. One is the Australian Jack Findlay, a non-corporate sponsored ridre, who manages to stay in the game through sheer spunk, the help of his French wife and many friends. Throughout the course of the season he has a number accidents and sometimes must borrow even the machines he races with. You really get a feeling for what it was like to be a private motorcycle racer at this time. Giacomo Agostini, on the other hand, seems to be singularly blessed. As the reigning champion (in 1971) and a noteworthy playboy, he has all the sponsorship he could ask for, and wins his races without injuries or spills. He appears as a prefiguration of what we see today in most professional sports including motorsports. Great music performed by Gong is also heard throughout the film.

Movie Details
Directed by: Jerome Laperrousaz
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Country: France
Genre: Documentary
More info: IMDb 

Source: Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide