Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Dainese D-Store in Italy

Italians, as well as travelers to Italy, now have one more place to stop to check out Dainese's latest in protective gear.  A new flagship D-Store has just opened on rue Stalingrado in Bologne. The newly inaugerated D-store is situated on the one of the principal passageways that link up the autoroute, trade expo centers and the central city. 

The new Dainese location was conceived as a reference space for all two wheel and dynamic sports enthusiasts in the region.  The exposition space, developed by Studio Dainese Design, occupiesf a surface of 250 m² and presents all the lines of the brand from Vincenza, Italy. 

The layout is arranged to allow easy browsing of the different collections including Motorcycle and Multisports, both winter and summer, in accordance with the concept characterized by all Dainese stores.  In addition to the focus on development of the actual store, Dainese also has a program of client assistance wherein customers will be able to benefit from the custom fitting service.

The sales personnel, trained at the D-tec® (Dainese Technology Center) by the same technicians that develop and perfect the Dainese products will assure that every customer has the best assistance and access to all technical knowledge necessary to choose the products most adapted to their needs. 

With the new location in Bologne, the number of D-Stores in the world passes to 19.  The other 18 are located in Milan, Rome, Paris, Munich, Athens, Osaka, Nagoya, Andorra, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Manchester, Tokyo, Moscow, Comes, Düsseldorf, Orange County and San Francisco.

Source: Motoblog.it