Thursday, December 31, 2009

Voxan Hear its Death Toll

The 29th of January marked a sad day in the history of French motorcycles and leaves us with possibly the last notable death of 2009. Voxan motorcycles, the last hope and stronghold of the French motorcycle industry recieved the final nail in its coffin when the Clermont-Ferrand Court of Commerce rulled for the liquidation of the company.

Having not received the financial guarantees it was looking for to secure the financial turnaround of Voxan from its possible buyer Fil of Luxemburg, the court decided that liquidation was the only option. The future of Voxans employees as such, leaves nothing but an uncertain future.

But is all really lost? Voxan has of course been through liquidation once before in 2001 resulting in a buyback by Mr. Cazeaux through a holding company. And despite the launching of the Black Magic, Charade and the recent VX-10, sales have continued to wittle away with the passing years. So does this new development really mark the end of the adventure for the French twin or just Didier Cazeaux affiliation with the company.

For the second time, the assests of the business based in Issoire will be put on the auction block. The signs could not be worse for the future of Voxan motorcycles, but there is still tiny hope for the future of French motorcycles. We will certainly know more with the arrival of the new year. In the meantime we can ponder the cruel fate of this intriquing company and wonder why it is that this country is unable to realize the same successes as its neighboring countries: England, Germany and Italy, all the while having a long history in this industry and an enthousiastic motoring population...

Source: Moto Infos