Friday, December 11, 2009

Bimota Tesi 3D Biposto

According to the Spanish site of Solomoto, Bimota is preparing to unveil a new version of the Tesi 3D, making the bike more accommodating for regular use.  At the top of the list of evolutions for 2010 is the appearance of a passenger saddle

If the picture being dispersed through the Net  is more than a just a successful photo montage, it seems that Bimota has rethought the philosophy of their Tesi.  While the current model is doubtlessly a sportsbike with no concession, the version biposto for 2010 casts a reference more towards the side of a muscular roadster.  The ergonomics have been completely revised with a lowered saddle, the feet controls repositioned and a more upright handlebar.

To improve the passenger comfort, the Zard exhausts have been lowered to make room for an extra set of pegs.  The front suspension, originally developed for the Vyrus 983 2V, abandons its gas shock absorber laterally mounted under the crankcase for an Ohlins directly linking the front swingarm to the "oméga" frame.

The nitch business from Rimini seems set to propose a hi-tech alternative to their DB6 Delirio in addition to the Ducati Monster 1100 fro which the Tesi 3D borrows his its motor.