Friday, December 04, 2009

FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro

On 11, 12 and 13 of December, the first environmental friendly Enduro race for will open a new page of motorcycle history by registering electrical motorcycles only. The Eco Enduro is run during the COP15 - the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December. The purpose and idea of the race is to show the world that mechanical sports can be environmentally responsible and is prepared to seek new ways and innovative solutions to reduce the sports negative impact on the worlds climate. The international competition is being organised jointly by Ivan Reedtz-Thott (World Champion Runner-up Rallies Quad - six entries (car) in the Dakar), Vivi Siig and Soren Clauding (owners of Scandinavian Racing Press), the Danish Motor Union (DMU) and has secured the support of the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

The FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro 2009 will be run on electrical motorcycles over a period of 3 days. For the first two days as a traditional enduro race in various terrain - but the final day the race will transform into a Super Motard / MX type race on a small circuit, build for the occasion, in the center of Copenhagen. Several world-class riders including the 5-time motocross World Champion Joël Smets, top-stars from Rally Dakar and of course also the Danish former Grand Prix winner, Brian Kjaer Jorgensen will be competing.

Secretary General of the Danish Motorcycle Federation, Henrik Funder Kristensen says: "We have already achieved significant international recognition for the initiative and the FIM backing strengthens the exposure as well as the Danish federation’s international network. FIM representatives are going to visit Denmark during the event to see how we are doing for the purpose to disseminate our experience to the member organisations around the world. By that the prospects for the International Eco Enduro and our influence on attitudes to climate issue around the globe will be much higher than we had anticipated in the starting phase.”

Vito Ippolito, FIM President said: “As the world governing body for motorcycle sport, the FIM is pleased and proud to support this event that will be held close to Copenhagen for the first two days and in the centre of the city on Sunday 13 December. The FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro that will take place during the United Nations Climate Change Conference will boost exposure to this great initiative organised by passionate and motivated people and show the world that motorcycling is moving fast to prepare its future. From a sporting point of view, we will be able to demonstrate that electric motorcycles can run an Enduro event which will be stimulating for our people to shape the future of the sport. The FIM wants to thank the organisers and the DMU and wishes good luck to all the participants!”

The exact regulations of the FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro is under preparation - but so far the following will apply:

All electric motor bikes MX / Enduro type can participate - even prototypes. However, the following must be met:

* Range - on one charge under competitive conditions: minimum 15 Km.
* Charging time: maximum 2 hours.

* Pro I: Participants racing Quantya Track Evo 1 - modified
* Pro II: Participants racing Quantya Track Evo 1 - standart
* Pro III: Participants racing Zero MX
* Proto: All other makes or prototypes

Please note:
International riders must have:
FIM International Meetings licence (annual or one event), UEM International Meetings licence (annual or one event) or any UEM or FIM annual licence Motocross, Enduro, Cross Country Rallies.

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