Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Parisian Racing Circuit : The Debate Over

After the announcement by the President of the Ile-de-France, M. John-Paul Huchon opposing the basic tenet of a circuit that could welcome motorsport events within the confines of the region, the French Federation of Motorcycling FFM questioned the motivation behind such a declaration.

In fact, it seems surprising taking into context a recent Ipsos poll, where the French by and large reaffirmed their devotion to motorsports, that certain political leaders declare this project in contrast to the principles of the 'Grenelle de l’environnement' or set forth accords on the environment.

The FFM makes the point that the impact on the environment in terms of production of greenhouse gases from motorsports is insignificant and very widely compensated by technological innovations developed through its practice. Of course studies must be considered in advance to initiating a plan to develop such a facility in order to ideally fit within the ecological concerns of the zone. At the same time, the Federation does not understand a refusal purely on dogmatic reasoning, for a purely electoral goal, when the its development would bring notable socio-economical benefits as well as added prestige to France.

The proposed infrastructure would welcome not only large international events (Formula 1 and MotoGP), but would equally offer educational facilities, including programs aimed at improving road security as already carried out at the nearby Circuit Carole.

The FFM believes that being ecologist in this day and age does not mean eradicating all human activities, notably ones that do not represent any significant environmental issue. Additionally, the political leaders of France must be aware that 100 000 members of the FFM and their allies are not appreciative of popularity-seeking actions that have the potential to eliminate the ability to indulge in their passion they will make this known during future elections.

Source: Esprit Racing