Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Motorcycling History in Norway

It's not a country you tend to think has a lot going on when it comes to motorcycling but Rolf Ivar Jordbruen felt there was enough meat to make the subject worth treating. Unfortunately, as of yet there is no english version.

The idea of this book, On Two Wheels - Cubic Nostalgia was to show some of the history and versatility the motorcycle has had and stills has in the country. The author, who began motorcycling on the private road leading to his home at the age of thirteen in the 1980's, hoped to create a book that would evoke memories for older motorcyclists and interest among young people.

Even after 140 pages, one hundred years of motorcycle history in Norway does not come close to completely addressing all subjects but gives a good overview of most aspects of the Norwegian MC-story. Plus, an impressive selection of images from all the way back to the very beginning in 1900 means that even without being about to read Norwegian you can appreciate what motorcycling was like in another part of the world throughout the different epoques.

På to hjul - Kubikknostalgi (On two wheels - Cubic Nostalgia)
Price: U.S. $42.00 (dependent on exchange rate)
ISBN: 978-82-8211-083-9
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Norwegian motorcyclists in 1935 on a ten year old FN

Camping during the Troll-Rally 1971

Speedway, motocross and trial were the major motorcycle sports in Norway in the postwar period, but roadracing was also popular. Reidar Hellgren who road raced in the 50's is show here in Hedemora, Sweden in 1957. He placed 8 on his AJS with 145 km/h average.

Source: MC24